Zack Greinke Equipped To Handle The New Team

Zack Greinke was making a tough decision of choosing between Dodgers and Giants. On Friday night, he reached an understanding with Diamondbacks. Moreover, it is reported that they want to enhance their starting rotation, but yet they are not sure to what limits they can push. But it seems that they are far from what other teams are willing to go. It is a known fact that David Price scored a good deal when compared to any pitcher had ever done with a superior average yearly salary pack. But the topper remains Greinke with a score of $3 million per.

All this goes to prove that Fantasy Baseball is not behind. Around 20 can move into 2016 from Kershaw to Carrasco. Though Greinke cannot be called a runaway as in 2015 as cannot be called a strikeout player and any slip can put him in the middle. Now the current deal only enhances the slippage chance for the reason that he is entering the team with higher odds for controversy. The truth is that the Diambondback pitcher was their soft spot until last year. Though there is no offense in the lineup that is spearheaded by A J Pollock and Paul Goldschmidt and the fact cannot be denied that they over scored Dodgers by 50 runs the previous year.

The fact is that they still lack the lead that Greinke gave them and were in need of an efficient setup man. Though there is still time to overcome this flaw and the offseason will give them the time to work on it after making a huge investment on Greinke.

Updated: December 10, 2015 — 5:27 am

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