Month: November 2015

Obama Quotes That 99.5 Percent Of Scientists Say That Climate Change Is An Urgent Problem


The two week climate change summit in Paris is battling over reaching an agreement on how to control global warming. It may be mentioned here that President Obama last month declared that $3 billion will be allocated to developing countries to control climate change, especially to countries like India. Speaking to CBS, the president said to the Norah O’Donnell about his action.

Obama said that these are commitments that are happening for over years, and this comes in the interest of America. He continued that for instance India with a population of over a billion using coal for electricity will be discharging a huge amount of carbon footprints that will have the capacity to sink South Florida as the oceans rise. Obama made it clear that barriers cannot be built to contain carbon emission; all that can be done is to provide incentives to ensure that the emission is contained.

With just a few days left in office, Obama has ensured that climate change is given top priority. Though, he receives negative comments from the opposition for being concerned about climate change and not worried about terrorism that remains the greatest threat. To counter this, the president in the State of Union address said that climate change is a great threat to the future generation than anything else. Finally, the leaving president added that he would love to take his grandkids to the park that is in good shape and feel happy about contributing to the safe planet.

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