Month: September 2015

Presidential Candidates Battle For Gun And Terrorist Control

The recent San Bernardino shootout has rekindled the gun control debate. This is not all it has also stirred the issues about immigration, surveillance and how to fight ISIS. In this regard, both the Democratic and Republicans are not far different. The two parties agree that it is an act of terrorism. The Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, said that it is a terrorist attack and Hillary Clinton also agrees that it is an act of terrorism. Though, the approach to the threat varies.

Donald Trump, the GOP forerunner made it clear that surveillance has to be stepped up. He added that his Muslim friends understand the depth of the problem. Christie made it clear that bulk phone data collection program has to return else families may be left at risk. On the contrary Republican Rand Paul had a different view, he said that there should be a suspension on immigrants from the Middle East. Whereas Clinton called for more attacks on ISIS in Syria and stricter gun controls at home.

In another comment, she added that those who are in dangerous to fly list have to be denied the gun license. People who are dangerous to fly are too dangerous to handle a gun she ended. The debate took a new direction when the New York Daily News called the National Rifle Association head ‘a terrorist’. Republicans also have it that the concern about gun control is disarranged. While Marco Rubio said that what is needed is bomb control and terrorist control. Meanwhile, the bill for conducting expansive background checks on gun sales was defeated in the Congress.

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