NFL Projected Salary Cap Is At $153.4 Million

The good news for the 32 teams in the NFL league is that it would be having $10 million extra to spend as the free agency will kick start in March 2016. ESPN reports that the salary cap will be up by minimum $150 million by next year. The teams were kept informed that the cap may come up to $153.4 million. Last year the salary cap was set at 143.28 million and if it goes on the lines as predicted the cap will be $10.12 million hike. Though, the exact figures will not be released until March next year. Normally the estimation is given in advance to the 32 teams in the NFL so that they can plan for the season ahead.

Spotrac has predicted that teams like Miami, Buffalo, and New Orleans will expect to be more than the cap as they move into 2016. Similarly Raiders, Buccaneers, and Bears are also expected to enjoy higher cap space. If the cap is more than $150 million, then it is double the figure of 2003. The salary cap in 2003 was $75 million, 2004 saw a rise of $5.58 million, 2005 set it at $85.5 million, in 2006 it was $102 million, 2007 it reached $109 million, 2008 it amounted to $116 million, 2009 touched $123 million, 2010 it was uncapped, 2011 the amount rose to $120.6 million, 2013 saw a hike of around 3 million, 2014 it reached $133 million, 2015 it was $143.28 million and the projected figure for 2016 is $153.4 million.

Updated: December 10, 2015 — 5:27 am

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