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San Bernardino Shoot Out – Co-Workers Feel That Farook Was Radicalized By His Wife

The motive for the San Bernardino shooting is yet to be determined, but meanwhile information about the suspect Syed Rizwan Farook has been revealed. It is said that Farook is 28 years old and is a resident of Chicago born to Pakistani parents. Farook was working for the Health Department at the San Bernardino County for over five years. The shooting though cannot be determined as a terrorist act the motive only can ascertain if can be categorized as the same. Officials also confirmed that Farook and Tashfeen Malik his wife as not on the US watch list.

Two prominent law enforcement sources have evidence that Farook is in contact with overseas persons linking to terrorism. The investigation is on to find out if Farook has been possibly radicalized. Court documents have it that in November 2014 his father threatened to commit suicide. In February this year, his mother complained against his father for abusive and bipolar behavior. Meanwhile, the FBI has seized pen drives and electric devices and sent it for analysis in Washington.

It was also reported that Tashfeen Malik, Farook’s wife passed the visa screening test. The law enforcement agencies are still investigating the true reason for the attack, and until the results are revealed regarding the motive of the attack, it will not be clear whether it is workplace violence or terrorism and if any warnings were overlooked. Meanwhile, a co-worker said that he had doubts whether he was radicalized after marriage. Christian Nwadike, a health inspector, said that Farook’s grew a beard after returning from Saudi Arabia and feels he married a terrorist.

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Presidential Candidates Battle For Gun And Terrorist Control

The recent San Bernardino shootout has rekindled the gun control debate. This is not all it has also stirred the issues about immigration, surveillance and how to fight ISIS. In this regard, both the Democratic and Republicans are not far different. The two parties agree that it is an act of terrorism. The Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, said that it is a terrorist attack and Hillary Clinton also agrees that it is an act of terrorism. Though, the approach to the threat varies.

Donald Trump, the GOP forerunner made it clear that surveillance has to be stepped up. He added that his Muslim friends understand the depth of the problem. Christie made it clear that bulk phone data collection program has to return else families may be left at risk. On the contrary Republican Rand Paul had a different view, he said that there should be a suspension on immigrants from the Middle East. Whereas Clinton called for more attacks on ISIS in Syria and stricter gun controls at home.

In another comment, she added that those who are in dangerous to fly list have to be denied the gun license. People who are dangerous to fly are too dangerous to handle a gun she ended. The debate took a new direction when the New York Daily News called the National Rifle Association head ‘a terrorist’. Republicans also have it that the concern about gun control is disarranged. While Marco Rubio said that what is needed is bomb control and terrorist control. Meanwhile, the bill for conducting expansive background checks on gun sales was defeated in the Congress.

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Intelligence Warning On Planned Parenthood Shootout Was Given Months Back

The FBI had warned two months in advance regarding the Planned Parenthood Clinic attack in Colorado Springs informs Jeff Pegues. Meanwhile, the NYCPD has announced that critical response vehicles were placed at Planned Parenthood clinics in the city. The concern about attacks on reproductive health care centers has become an anxiety for law enforcement agencies for a while now especially Planned Parenthood clinics in various parts of the country. The FBI released its first intelligence report in September to the law enforcement agencies regarding a possible attack.

The attack came in the wake of the Congress discussing Planned Parenthood funding and discussing videos from the Center for Medical Progress on the harvesting of fetal tissues of abortions. The bulletin by the intelligence contained, “lone offenders using tactics of arsons and threats all of which are typical of the pro-life extremist movement.” During this period, there were nine suspicious incidents across seven states and also the District of Columbia.

In another incident that happened in August, a vehicle that belonged to the New Orleans Planned Parenthood security guard was set on fire after pouring gasoline on it. This was not all another incident in Aurora, Colorado in July saw an unknown miscreant setting ablaze the entrance of Planned Parenthood facility pouring gasoline at the entrance.

Meanwhile it was reported that while the suspect Robert Lewis Dear was taken away by the police, he was seen warning officers on “no more baby parts.” This was the reflection of the GOP presidential candidate and other conservative leaders since the secret videotapes of procurement of fetal tissues for medical research have been out. In a state by Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice president of Planned Parenthood Federation said that instead of preventing such attacks in the future, the candidates are blocking women from taking preventive health care at the clinic.

Despite his forceful revelation, Robert Lewis Dear is a seldom speaker in the rural Colorado from where he comes from. His words have gained prominence with the police trying to determine his motive for the shootout at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs that left three people dead. Witnesses say that the gunman was opposed to abortion.

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