Termite Treatment with Bora-Care®

Termite Treatment with Bora-Care®

Bora-Care® is an HUD approved, NES listed wood treatment for subterranean termites. HUD’s 99-A form now allows wood treatments. See why builders and homeowners are ecstatic about this treatment.

Bora-Care® is a revolutionary termite pre-treatment that saves builders time and money. It is applied directly to wood, in a two-foot barrier on walls, floor, and sill plate. Bora-Care® goes where other products can’t – on the wood instead of in the soil. termite treatment

Application is easy and convenient. Bora-Care® is applied during the dried-in stage of construction, prior to insulation, and regardless of the weather. Your crew doesn’t have to leave the site. More on this website
No more costly waiting around to the pest technical – no more scheduling hassles. No more waiting for the soil to dry out. No more weather delays. Your crew keeps working. Everyday.

10 Reasons Why Builders Are Switching to Bora-Care®

Bora-Care® saves builders one full day of cycle time. Bora-Care® eliminates the need to coordinate schedules with cement companies and pest management companies. Once the dried-in stage of constructions is complete, Bora-Care® can be applied. There is no need to schedule around the availability of the PMP or cement company.

Bora-Care® eliminates weather delays. With traditional soil treatments, builders must plan around the weather. Unlike soil pre-treatments, which must be applied to dry ground after the footers are dug, Bora-Care® is applied directly to the wood in a two-foot barrier on the walls, subfloor, and sill plates during the dried-in phase of construction and before the insulation is installed. Weather is simply not a factor.

Bora-Care® eliminates the need for crews to leave the job site. In traditional soil pretreatments, workers are required by law to leave the site during application – and stay away until the application has dried. Because Bora-Care® is applied directly to the wood and doesn’t contain soil chemicals, the crew can keep right on working.

HUD change in policy provides alternatives to builders. In January 1999, the United States of Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) changed its 99A form to allow direct wood pre-treatments. The change in HUD policy was brought about by the NPMA on behalf of its members. In the past, HUD only listed soil treatments as a method of pre-treating thus preventing mortgage lenders, builders, and homeowners from taking advantage of EPA-registered wood treatments with borates. Now, Bora-Care® can be used to protect your home from the beginning and is a much better alternative than soil treatments.termite control

Efficacy tests show proven results. Research from an ongoing 11-year study at the Harrison Experimental Forest, and Mississippi State University’s Forest Products Laboratory proves that wood treated with Bora-Care® repels termite attacks and prevents termites from tubing over wood. In tests at Louisiana State University, Bora-Care® was even proven effective against formosan termites.

Treatments near water are no longer a concern. With soil treatments, there is the concern of chemicals leaching into a nearby water source. When you pretreat the wood, that’s ALL you treat.

A better pre-treatment, Bora-Care® provides superior protection against virtually all wood-destroying insects, including subterranean termites, formosan termites, carpenter ants, old house borers, and powder post beetles. It also prevents and controls wood decay fungi, an even bigger problem than termites.

Toxicity is a rising concern among homeowners. With traditional soil treatments, 300-500 gallons of pesticides are pumped in the ground under and around a home. With Bora-Care® you have a low odor termiticide that is applied directly to the wood – answering the concerns of homeowners who have become informed and are demanding less-toxic alternatives.

Bora-Care® has been evaluated and specifically listed by the International Building Codes as a suitable alternate to soil treatments.

Excavation and landscaping do not affect pretreatment. Leaky water lines, improper drainage, and even the landscaping process can break the soil termiticide barrier, rendering soil pretreatments ineffective by the time the house is complete. With Bora-Care®, you’re treating the wood, and once again, a problem is eliminated.
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